Visitation of the Relic of St Francis Xavier – Sunday 2nd Dec 2012

 As observed by one of our parishioners, Mr. John Spora:

“We parishioners of St. Michael’s parish, Daceyville, NSW, under the guidance and leadership of our pastor, Fr. Jerzy, were privileged to host the event, during which we were able to venerate the relic of the right forearm of St. Francis Xavier, on Sunday, 2nd December, 2012, on the eve of his feast day, 3rd December, 2012.

I was given the honor of sharing many aspects of the life and mission of Francis, during the hours of 1pm to 4pm, with hundreds of people, many of whom have come to live in Australia from countries such as India, Japan, China, and other places where he spread God’s love, during his short life as a Jesuit priest. Our deep faith, as we stood in silence, in single file, waiting our individual turn to venerate the sacred relic, was inspiring.

Many people from neighboring parishes joined with us for the celebration, and many wonderful moments were experienced by all, as we watched parents bring their young children to the relic, and pressed their own arms, and those of their children, against the glass, alongside the relic, and, prayed that God will use their limbs, like Francis, in telling others of God’s love.

Also, many others, who live with a disability, some wheeling themselves forward in wheelchairs, approached the relic, undoubtedly praying that, through Francis” intervention. they can ultimately receive a cure, or be enabled to better accept their particular cross.

We were all saddened that the relic had to leave us at 5pm after the celebration of Mass, as it was taken to St. Mary’s Cathedral for a final day of veneration, before returning to Rome.

We are all so very grateful that our parish, and other parishes around Australia, was honored by the presence of this precious relic of St. Francis’ bodily remains.”